Using CBD to Supplement Your Mindfulness Practice

Feb 21, 2022 | Industry Trends & Info, The Happy Camper Way

Modern life comes with a lot of stress. Between jam-packed schedules, family obligations and work challenges, many people find themselves grappling with a pace of life that doesn’t feel healthy or sustainable. 

As these feelings persist, they can begin to negatively impact our health. That’s why many people turn to yoga and other meditative activities that alleviate stress and help individuals find balance and calmness in their lives. And it’s no coincidence that many yogis and meditation practitioners also take a daily dose of CBD, since cannabidiol (as it is scientifically known) also helps relieve everyday anxiety and stress.

By supplementing their mindfulness practices with hemp-derived CBD products from The Happy Camper, our customers achieve the best of both worlds to find balance in their daily lives.  

Experiencing the calming effects of CBD in the ECS

CBD is one of more than 100 known compounds, also sometimes referred to as phytonutrients. While small amounts of CBD can be found in walnuts and certain fish, the hemp plant contains the highest known concentration of naturally occurring cannabinoids on the planet. 

The science is complex, but in essence CBD works by targeting receptors in the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, which all humans and animals are born with. When these receptors are functioning optimally—i.e. when it is given the right amounts of cannabinoids—our brains do a better job of exchanging messages and managing important processes. That includes clearing pathways in the brain to replace negative emotions with positive ones. 

Unlike its psychoactive sister THC, CBD does not produce feelings of being “high.” Rather, it works in the background similar to other health supplements that improve body-mind processes like sleep, digestion, circulation and mood over time. 

Combining CBD with yoga for deeper meditation

Because of its abilities to enhance and support the ECS, CBD is popular with yogis and other health enthusiasts. And they just might be onto something: A 2019 study found that a 300–600mg of CBD significantly reduced anxiety symptoms in 57 adult males.

Of course, like any other health supplement, effects can vary depending on the product, dose, mode of application and a number of physiological characteristics that are specific to each person. But anecdotally speaking, our customers at The Happy Camper have reported enhanced calmness and focus when supplementing their meditative practice with CBD. 

The combination is so popular, in fact, that many yoga practitioners offer yoga classes specifically designed for individuals using CBD to address pain, stress, anxiety and other conditions. Using CBD in tandem with daily yoga practice is widely thought to boost the cannabinoids’ restorative properties and help practitioners achieve deeper tranquility throughout their day. 

Three CBD products that work best for yogis

As discussed, many yoga practitioners use our full-spectrum 1500mg CBD Soft Gels and 1200mg Full-Spectrum CBD Tincture to deepen their meditative practice from within. But what about using CBD externally to alleviate sore muscles and skin irritations? 

That’s where our 500mg CBD Isolate Transdermal Cream comes in. Free from pesticides, preservatives, artificial dyes and fragrances, our topical cream provides immediate and long-lasting relief from everyday aches, pains and inflammation. By using all three CBD products daily, our customers experience total-body wellness inside and out. 

A word about CBD safety and quality

The Happy Camper maintains the industry’s highest standards for extraction and processing Colorado-grown hemp. In addition, every CBD product we produce is held to rigorous third-party testing standards. That’s important since, believe it or not, even some of the market’s most expensive and well-known CBD products have been found to contain very little CBD. Still others contain harmful levels of heavy metals, pesticides and other dangerous pollutants. 

By publishing our Certificates of Analysis prominently and transparently on our website, we assure our customers that they are getting all of the beneficial phytonutrients they need—and none of the harmful toxins they don’t.  

Want to learn more about The Happy Camper’s processes or try deepening your yoga practice with CBD? Drop us a line! Our friendly CBD experts are always here to answer your questions. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.